Through The TreesI was reading a Blog by my teacher on
In her Blog she asked questions exploring the meaning of life, work and happiness.
Her response to “What is the Meaning of life?” was… “Life”.
I smiled when I read this and nodded in agreement.

Its amazing how synchronicity works; this past week at some point the question popped into my head as well!!I played out what so many others must decide on what life means to them. They all seem to come up with different things; adventure, happiness, entertainment, its pointless, family, etc… some even think that its a game between God and the Devil and were just the pawns or puppets.
Whatever the reasons, I can’t really judge… to each their own I guess. Some people are just unsatisfied with whatever they get.
To me, more and more each day I am finding Life itself more beautiful and amazing.

At one point in my life I had some of the crappy outlooks on life like what I mentioned and worse.
I can see now that I was broken, confused, hurt and in pain. I had lost people in my life I loved. I had my dreams ripped to shreds and stomped on. I was abused, I felt shame, regret, jealousy, etc… the nightmares we explore with the wheel.
The list goes on and on.
I always knew though I was stuck in the same pattern/ cycle as my parents and their parents before them, but that there was something bigger…  that there was more than  what “Humans” said there was.
I just needed to find it.
If I were to think hard on it, I could almost remember, but as the years passed it slipped further and further away; sinking deeper into the western way of living.

A few years ago I met a Shaman. My world flipped upside down…. or right side up lol.
She showed me that I was living in illusion.
She taught me how to look at and deal with issues.
She showed me that there was another way to think… another way to live.
I learned that you can have access to so much if you could just heal…. its ourselves that hold us back, and its the pattern and indoctrinations made by Humans that we get stuck in and lose our way.
For some reason, it seems as though this was  familiar knowledge; like I always knew it, but lived the western way anyway.
I guess I didn’t want to be alone, and found no confirmation until that point.

Now that I have committed to walking and living in sacredness, and learned an ‘old’ way of thinking that doesn’t follow the laws of man, I can say that I truly am finding the “Meaning of Life”.
LIFE is all around us. Its not hard to see what it is about if we stop imposing ourselves on it and just BE a part of it. There’s always something to see, touch, feel, learn, heal, explore or experience.
Once we shed the western way of thinking and get back to the way the ancestors thought and lived, we find value and beauty in living each day.

Today I heard on the radio Something about the station being there to fill every moment in our lives, and I thought “Why would anyone want that? Can we not be okay where we are at?
Is life that horrible that we need to live ours through being constantly distracted, entertained, and finding escape?

Now I know there’s a better way to live, think, and put simply… exist.

I think life is also about stepping outside of your little bubble, issue, or perspective,  looking at the world around you, and finding a way to co-exist.

There are many things set before us when we enter this world, but we still have the choice how to navigate through all of it.
Our experience here as humans in this life in a lot of ways can be what we make it; it can be fun, exciting, amazing, sad, lonely, or full of learning, phenomena, spirit, hard work, great stories and experiences.

The choice is ours what kind of life or path we want to lead, or what kind of influence we want to leave behind.


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